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The Eyes are the window to your soul ...

   Vetus MSC-19 Tweezer (11 x 126mm) : $14.99​

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* MCS-19 tweezers are ideal for picking fans for

   volume lash extensions(included Plastic Tweezer Case)

* Vetus is known worldwide for producing some of

   the best tweezers for eyelash extensions

* Made from high quality stainless steel

* Finished with a luxury gloss silver surface

* The sharp tip ensures the highest precision

   so you can lash faster and better.

Vetus MCS-19(Mettalic)-Case (2).jpg

    Lash Foam Shampoo (with Lash Brush)



Helps maintain clean eyelashes before & after lash extension

* Optimized for eyelid health and helps supplying nutrition

* Most comfortable pH level to human eyes

* Gentle yet pleasantly citrusy eyelash cleanser

* Lengthen bonding life and Prevent germs

* Great aftercare retail product

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Authorized Dealer

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 Lash Brush


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